PCS membership card is a free benefit for all parents, adult class students, teachers, and volunteers. New cards are distributed around Chinese new year every year. Cardholders are entitled discounts at Chinese grocery stores, Chinese restaurants, and more other services. PCS membership cards can only be used by the card holders. Vendors may check your ID to verify. PCS membership cards are not transferable.

If you experience any difficulties using PCS membership cards please contact us. If you know any vendors that are interested in joining our benefit list please contact Financial Director Qiong Huang at 412-298-9222.

Please see below for a full list of benefit with PCS membership card.



Accounting & Tax Service - 会计税收财务 - 黄琼
ACCURA TAX & ACCOUNTING LLC - P O Box 1155, Wexford PA 15090
QIONG HUANG - Tax Accountant & Consultant-MS of Taxation & Finance-IRS Enrolled Agent
FREE Consultation (30 minutes) + 10% off on Individual Tax Return (one time offer)

Acupuncture & Wellness Service – 针灸保健 - 王琼
TCL Acupuncture & Wellness Center – 1017 Perry Hwy, Suite 101, Pittsburgh PA 15237
QIONG WANG – LAC TEL. 724-933-3490
10% off on acupuncture massage and reflexology service (cash payment only)

Auto Repair Service – 修车服务
EUROSPEED MOTOR WORK – 2510 Library Road, Pittsburgh PA 15234
10% on service charge (cash or check payments only)

Nutrition, Health and Weight-Management – 营养健康 -崔梅
LIVE YOUNG INTERNATIONAL, LLC. www.happylife_mei.usana.com [1]
MEI TSUI - Gold Director of USANA Health Sciences, Nutrition and Wellness Coach
TEL. 412-779-1283, Email: happylife_mei.usana.com
FREE True Health Assessment and Health Consultation (30 minutes) + Extra 10% off on Initial Order of Products (One time offer)


HOW LEE RESTAURANT – 川霸王5888 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15217
10% off on all food purchase TEL. 412-422-1888

HOKKAIDO SEAFOOD BUFFET – 北海道 4612 Browns Hill Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
8% on cash payments TEL. 412-421-1422

SAKURA & TEPPANYAKI – 百家香 5882 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
8% OFF on cash payments TEL. 412-422-7188

TASTY CHINESE RESTAURANT – 美味 213 S Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
10% off on all food purchase TEL. 412-361-8888

VIETNAM’S PHO - 1627 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
10% off on cash payments & 3% off on credit card payments TEL. 412-281-8881

SZECHUAN EXPRESS – 四川快餐 125 Oakland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
All dishes only $5 each TEL. 412-687-8000

LITTLE ASIA – 小亚洲 301 S Craig Street, #2 Pittsburgh PA 15213
10% off on all food purchase TEL. 412-622-0133

OLD TOWN BUFFET (MISAKI) - 860 Saw Mill Run Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15226
10% off to card holders (cash only) TEL. 412-481-1118

Chengdu Gourmet – 老四川 5840 Forward Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
10% off on all food purchase TEL. 412-521-2088

Sichuan Gourmet - 府河人家 1900 Murray Ave Pittsburg PA 15217
8% off on all food purchase TEL. 412-521-1313


Lotus Food Company - 1649 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 TEL. 412-281-3050

Oriental Market - 4768 McKnight Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 TEL. 412-548-3648

Tong Cuisine (唐园)Tel. 412-918-1484

Address: 228 Semple St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

10% off for cash payments 现金支付, 优惠10%

The Black Bean (川湘汇)Tel. 412-621-2326

Address: 239 Atwood St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

5% off for cash payments 现金支付, 优惠5%

China Star (川味居) Tel. 412-364-9933

Address: 7900 McKnight Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

8% off for cash payments, 3% off for credit card payments

现金支付, 优惠8%, 信用卡支付, 优惠3%

Wing Fat Hong Oriental Food Market(永发中国超市)

Address: 2227 Penn AvePittsburgh, PA 15222

Tel. 412-434-6579

5% off for both cash and credit card

现金及信用卡支付, 一律优惠5%

Jesse Chen