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Dear Parents and Teachers, Greetings!

I wish everyone have a Very Happy New Year!

1.      Looking back 2015 and the past three semesters as principal, I learned many things from all of teachers that are very precious. Also, I had a chance to see challenges and how many schools in US and in other countries are teaching Chinese. I wrote a note about some highlights of 2015, some worries and suggestions. See attachment 1 .

2.      2015Fall Recite contest: 269 students (about 83.8% of total) from 24 classes participated the preliminary contest. 63 winners from the preliminary attended the final one on12/20/2015. Every student prepared one assigned text and one self-chosen texts After 2 ½ hours, 26 final winners were determined. Awards will be distributed on Chinese New Year celebration day. See attachment 2 for results.

3.      Congratulation to all of you to complete the fall semester, your involvement are great appreciated. Hope that all of you have had a relaxing break so far. Now I ask you for an important help-make an evaluation survey on the 2015 Fall semester:
1)      You have an option to complete it on line using the following link, and contact Zhaochun Yang if any technical problem; you can also print the attached form (attachment 3 ) and fill it manually, then turn it in to the office (room 106) on Jan. 10, 2016; if the above two methods do not work for you, reply the email or call principal’s phone number.
2)      There are four parts in the survey. The 1st and 2nd part include 15 questions for language teacher. Please spend some time to make a fair evaluation to every teacher according to your experiences and observations. This is very important for improving our teaching quality.
3)      The 3rd and 4th part are the evaluations and suggestions for school administration and management. Please make comments in detail to help us operating function more efficiently.
I am looking forward to hearing from every one of you. Wish you having a great 2016!



1.       回顾刚刚过去的2015年以及接任校长的三个学期的经历,感想不少,收获更多:从各位老师那里学到了很多东西,这是以前14年没有学到的,由于校长”特权“,有机会了解到世界华文教育现状,大开了眼界,与时俱进也是华文教育的新挑战,也找到了自己在其中的位置。为此,用”2015年校长简讯“记录了一部分中文学校的精采,一些忧虑,及一些设想,与大家分享,请看附件1

2.      2015年秋季朗读比赛:本次朗读比赛的预赛是在24个班中进行,269名参加,占全校学生人数的83.8%。63名预赛优胜者进入12月20日的决赛。每位参赛学生准备了一篇指定课文(以年级为单位),一篇自选课文,经过两个半小时的决逐,26位选手获奖,奖状和奖金将在春节联欢会那天颁奖。结果请看附件2

3.      为了帮助我们把春季安排好,现在需要家长们对刚过去的秋季做一个评估:
1)      这个评估可以通过下面的连接在网上做,如有网上的技术问题,请与杨兆春联系;或者把附件3 打印出来手工填写,在开学的第一天交到办公室106;如果还有困难请回复这个电邮或打校长电话。
2)      这个调查表共有四个部分,前两个部分共15题是根据教师守则对任课老师的评估,老师的教学状况是教学质量的重要因素之一,希望各位家长花一点时间,回顾一下上个学期您的参与经历和您的观察,给我们每位任课老师一个公正的,尽量附合实际的评估。
3)      第三和第四部分是学校管理的评估和建议,请大家尽力而为,把任何没有包含的部分写在第四部分的建议中。如果您有两个或更多的孩子在校,您可以只选任何一份填写对校方的评估。


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