Author Topic: 中文学校征集志愿者的通知 / PCS volunteer  (Read 1196 times)


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中文学校征集志愿者的通知 / PCS volunteer
« on: January 19, 2016, 07:05:43 AM »
为了中文学校教学及课外活动的顺利进行,学校鼓励每位家长积极报名参加中文学校志愿者活动。现将中文学校关于征集志愿者的指南和可以选择的活动在附件 列出,希望能够得到各位家长的配合,抽出合适的时间为中文学校义务服务。请您挑选适合自己参加的活动,填写表格,以电子邮件的形式发送给志愿者专用邮箱:
Dear parents:
In order to continue working towards our educational goals and being able to offer extracurricular activities, we are recruiting more parents to be involved as a school volunteers. Attached are some guidelines and a list of which areas volunteers are needed most. If you want to register as volunteer, please fill out the form in attachment and send it back to email account:
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