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拼音1 C 课程简介
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拼音1 C 课程简介


(基本部分)课程中的语音,文字和词汇的教授融汇在教学内容中。第一单元的教学内容包括课文,字和画,生字,读词读句,学写笔画和课堂习字。第二单元的教学内容在第一单元的基础上增加了汉字结构, 汉字结构包括独体字,合体字,表意部首和表音部首。第三单元的教学内容包括课文,生字,词汇,汉字结构,学写部首,课堂习字和阅读材料。

 (学生要求) 本课程要求学生掌握上述的基本知识(认字302个,其中能写130个), 并能利用所学的汉字阅读儿歌,简单的故事等,也能用会写的字写简单的句子。

Pinyin 1 C Course Description

(Summary) This course is a Chinese language course for first grade students. This course uses Ma Liping textbook. The textbook is divided into three parts: the first unit, the second unit and the third unit. Each unit has a pronunciation content, character and vocabulary.

(Basic part) The pronunciation content, character and vocabulary blended in the teaching content. The first unit of teaching content includes text, words and pictures, vocabulary, reading word/sentence, learn to write strokes and classroom penmanship. On the basis of the first unit, the second unit added Chinese character structure. Character structure includes primary (independently formed) characters, Chinese characters formed by combining existing elements, ideographic and phonetic radicals. The third unit of the teaching content includes text, character, vocabulary, Chinese characters structure, learning to write radical, classroom penmanship and reading materials.

(Student request) This course requires students to master the basics of the above (to read 302 characters, which can write 130 characters), and can use what they have learned Chinese characters to read nursery rhymes, simple stories, etc., will also be able to write simple sentences.

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