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本课程要求学生上课积极参与课堂活动,课后按时按质完成各项作业。学生的学习目标是: 1)流利准确朗读课文,复述课文大意,理解使用课文的核心词汇及语法;2)撰写350字以上的结构分明、内容充实有逻辑的叙事、写人的作文;3)初步了解课文中涉及的中国历史、地理文化知识。学生的测评方式包括课堂表现、每周家庭作业、期中期末的口试、笔试或各种调研项目。

PY7C  Course Description

Textbook: Ma Liping Chinese 7th Grade


This textbook consists of three units. The first unit focuses on practicing how to write a story while the second unit switches to how to describe a character. The third unit’s theme is “Travelling China”, through introducing famous places to visit in China along with Chinese geographic and cultural knowledge. In the first two units, students will learn a new essay and its new vocabulary and grammar in a week, and learn sample writing and how to write using particular technique in the following week. Workbooks are basically used as homework.

Student Requirements:
Students are expected to actively participate all class activities and complete all assignments on time. Student’s learning objectives include 1) can read loud essays in the textbook fluently; retell the main idea of essays; understand and use key vocabulary and grammar; 2) can write a structured and complete story over 350 characters; 3) have a basic knowledge of Chinese history, geography and cultural knowledge that are introduced in the textbook. Assessment methods include in-class performance, weekly homework, mid-term and final tests or projects.