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(概要) 马立平中文教材是专为能听懂普通话的学生学习继承语言而编的。以听,说,读为主,写为辅,以争取孩子能达到要求的阅读水平。其二年级教材分为第四,第五,第六计三册,共有十三篇课文,每篇课文后有两到四篇课外阅读文。新增505个生词,其中要求掌握书写的生词有195个。

(基本部分) 二年级十三篇课文将分24周教授,其中上学期教授6篇,下学期教授7篇。在课堂上老师将教授生字生词的含义及应用,讲解课文,介绍多音字,多义字及偏旁部首的含义,并根据情况简单介绍一些中国文化及历史。复习巩固一年所学的生字生词。

(学生要求) 本课程要求学生能认读并掌握掌握所教授的生字生词,能用字组词,用词造句并熟练朗读课文。

Ma Liping grade II Course Description

(Summary) Ma Liping Chinese textbook is designed for students who already understand the spoken Chinese and wish to learn it as a heritage language. It focuses on listening, speaking, and reading, with writing as a secondary priority for the child to achieve the required reading level. The second grade textbook is divided into 4th, 5th, 6th three volumes. There are 13 lessons in this textbook. Each lesson is followed two to four extra reading materials. There are 505 new words, 195 of them are required writing.

(Basic part) Eleven lessons will be taught in 24 weeks. Six lessons are planned to be taught in fall semester and other seven lessons in spring semester. In the class teacher will teach the meaning and application of all new words, lead the students to understand the text, introduce multi-tone words, multi-meaning words and PianPang, and briefly introduce some Chinese culture and history. The words learned from the first grade will be reviewed also.

(Student request) This course requires students to recognize, read and grasp those new words. It also requires the students to construct some of the characters into words, words into sentences and read the text skillfully.