Author Topic: 拼音一年级D班课程介绍  (Read 641 times)


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课程名称: 拼音一年级 D 班

教材: 暨南大学《中文》第一册、第二册

教学对象: 有相对中文基础的适龄一年级学生

教学方式: 每周学习一篇课文,一学年完成《中文》第一册及第二册的学习。



强调认、读生字词和汉语拼音为主的教学。教授学生正确认读和发音的同时,着重学习汉 字的音、意、偏旁部首、笔顺笔画及结构。在提高识字效率的同时,尽量扩大识字量和词 汇量。精读课文,加强朗读训练及字词句的练习。提升学生口头语言能力,建立书面语言 基础。注重学生课堂参与,提高学生中文理解及表达能力。围绕不同场景的课文内容,加 入中国文化及习俗讲解,让学生对中国文化有更多的认知。

Course Title: PY1D

Textbooks: “Zhongwen” by Jinan University, volume 1&2

Prerequisite: Advanced first graders with background in Chinese.

Teaching Methods: An interactive course involves large class participation.

Requiring “speak-Chinese-only”.

Course Description:

The course designed to study of basic structures of the Mandarin Chinese language with emphasis on listening, speaking, reading, and simple writing as it relates to the course materials. The objectives are: to master the Chinese phonetic system (pinyin and tones) with satisfactory pronunciation; to understand the construction of Chinese Characters and learn to write them correctly; to understand and communicate using correctly basic Chinese grammar and sentence structures; to build up essential vocabulary; to read and understand level appropriate passages; to become acquainted with aspects of Chinese culture and society related to the course materials.