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K2A Introduction
« on: April 30, 2016, 05:50:52 AM »

概要: 选用马立平编写的供海外华裔儿童汉字启蒙用的教材, 直接认字,后学拼音,先认后写, 多认少写。

基本部分: 教材共选儿歌37首。 每首儿歌配有相应的生字卡片,光碟录音材料和书面练习。本教材适用”儿歌听读识字法”进行教学。强调多听和指读。

学生要求: 以家长能讲普通话的, 5至6岁的儿童为主要对象。

Summary: Using Ma Liping written materials for overseas Chinese children, with direct literacy after spelling, writing after recognition, less writing compared with recognition.

Basic parts: Texts have selected 37 songs. Each nursery rhyme with a corresponding vocabulary cards, CD recordings and written exercises. This textbook is suitable for “songs listening and reading literacy method" of teaching. Emphasize more listening and finger reading.

Student requirements: 5-6 years old Children whose parents can speak Mandarin.