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学前班 (K-1A)课程简介
« on: April 30, 2016, 05:52:21 AM »
学前班 (K-1A)课程简介:

K-1A (4~6岁学前班) 主要使用北京华文学院编写的4册/一套《幼儿汉语》作为教材。教学目的是通过系统的学习,使少儿具有最基本的汉语听说能力;能正确书写汉字的基本笔画;能认读并理解课本中出现的基础汉字,写汉字的习惯和兴趣,为接受小学阶段的中文学习打下良好的基础。要求学生掌握课堂所学的内容,回到家中多用中文与家人交流。

K-1A Course Description:
K-1A (4- 6 years old) uses the textbook Children’s Chinese written by Beijing Language and Culture College. The goals of the class are to practice basic Chinese listening and speaking ability, correctly, read write, and understand basic Chinese characters, and increase children’s interest in the language and culture while preparing them for future Chinese courses at the school.