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Class: adult

Time: Sunday 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Text Book: Learning Chinese with Me, Volume 2


For adult who is interested in learning Chinese and Chinese culture. Student should have known simple greeting and conversation in Chinese, and Chinese Pinyin system.

Course description

This course is to foster students’ interest in learning Chinese. The class will guide students from beginner to low-intermediate level. The class focuses mainly on conversation, sentence patterns and grammar. Pinyin and Chinese characters will also be discussed for efficient and fluent conversation skills in Chinese. Multimedia materials (audio, video) will be used as supplements in the classroom and at home to review and reinforce learned skills.

This is a very interactive course with a large amount of practice in conversation and use of words and phrases. Chinese culture will be introduced throughout the course while learning the language.

Standard and Benchmarks

Communication: There will be a good amount of conversation practice in the classroom. Students will be able to use words and sentence patterns learned from the course in conversation, which include speaking and listening.

Reading & Writing: Since this course mainly emphasizes on conversation, reading and writing are not required. However, students who are interested in reading and / or writing can still benefit from this course, as we teach new words with Pinyin and analyze sentence patterns, which are all the building blocks and essentials for reading and writing.

Culture Notes: Chinese culture is integrated in the text and supplement materials. While learning Chinese, students are able to immerse to Chinese history, traditions, festivals, foods, and much more.


教材: 跟我学汉语, 第二册

课程对象主要是任何对中文及中国文化有兴趣的成年人,学生最好已具备一些简单的中文知识,例如用中文作简单的问候与交流. 了解中文拼音系统。