Author Topic: 课程简介:中文第9册(修订版)  (Read 555 times)


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Course Description: Chinese section 9 (revised edition)

Summary: This textbook is one of the 12 primary textbooks "Chinese" edited by Jinan University. It includes vocabulary, Words and text.

The basic parts:  Students can understand and apply vocabulary and words,  read and understand the text by learning pronunciation and meaning of them. They are Inspired to grasp the central idea of the text . It will help students to  consolidate Chinese characters and related knowledge they have learned and to improve Chinese proficiency by reading at class, homework and exams . In addition, I will try to culture students' interest in learning and strengthen their understanding of China by Chinese history, geography and humanities .
Student Requirements: can read and write new words in this textbook, can understand and apply the words, and can  fluently read the text.