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拼音7 是以济南大学《中文》第七册课本为主要教材以及练习册A&B。第一学期将学习第一课到第六课 (识字为主);第二学期继续学习第七课到第十二课(词语和句子)。X学生会读会写课文中的生字和词语并能用它们来组词、造句;能够熟练的朗读课文;学习阅读理解。


要求每个学生上课能回答问题,积极参与课堂讨论和竞赛,熟练朗读课文, 课后完成作业(每两周至少完成一课作业)。

PY7 uses the JiNan University’s textbook and the exercise books (A and B). The first semester will teach the lesson 1 to 6, mostly focusing on the characters. The second semester will complete the lesson 7 to 12, and focusing more on words and sentences. The students will learn to read and write new words and sentences they just learned from the text book and use them appropriately. The students will also be required to read the text book fluently and develop their reading comprehension skills.

In addition to complete the course works from the text books, we will also develop students’ interests in learning and practicing Chinese in their daily lives. They will learn and be quizzed about the Chinese culture and traditions. The students shall improve their Chinese skills in listening, speaking, and writing. The course lessons include common scenes, such as airport, WaiTan, XiHu, etc, fable (such as The Crow Drinks Water, Mr. MaHu, etc.), the famous places (such as the Great Wall, the Great Hall of People, etc.), and the famous person (such as Sun, ZhongShan, Lin, ZeXu, etc.)

This course requires each student to actively participate activities in the class. They include questions, discussions, and competitions. The students shall read the text fluently after the class, and complete all homework both from the exercise books and assigned from the teacher. Usually the students are required to complete at least one lesson of exercises every two weeks.