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概要: 一课大致分为两个星期上, 第一个星期上的内容为教生词及读课文。第二个星期的内容为练习语法、课文中的常用词复习和作文解说。

(A lesson will be finished in two weeks. In the first week, new vocabularies and the text are the main focus. Additionally, grammar, commonly used vocabularies in the text, and the introduction to writing an essay will be focused in the second week.)

基本部分: 透过熟读主要课文,来学习新的生词、语法以及正确的写作方式,并透过主要课文后的课外文章练习,来加强学生对文章的掌握,如何抓到文章的重点以及学习写作时如何正确地使用词语。(Through familiarizing the text, students will be able to learn new vocabularies, grammar and the correct way of writing essays. Besides, students’ understanding to the reading will be strengthened by learning the extra texts after the main text is learned. Moreover, learning the extra texts could effectively help students locate the main points across the articles, and learn how to use vocabulary and grammars correctly when writing essays.)

学生要求: 本课程要求学生掌握上述的基础知识和上课专心听讲,并能利用所学知识顺利完成指定作业、回答问题,进而能分析汉语语音、文字、词汇、语法等。

(Students are required to have knowledge about the basic understandings mentioned above and pay attention to the teacher. In class, students are also required to make good use of what they have learned to complete the assignments, answer the questions, and further able to analyze the pronunciations, words, vocabularies, and grammars.)