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概要: 马力平中文三年级共包括七八九三册。介绍了汉语拼音的基本知识,涵盖了近百篇儿歌,散文,寓言及童话故事等,寓教于乐。通过高频复现的方法,让学生学认近1000个常用字,以满足日常生活中的读写需要。

基本部分:第七册首先介绍了汉语拼音及声调,要求不仅认识而且会写出元音(韵母)和辅音以及复韵母。第七册的后半部分及第八第九课包含有14篇课文及课后的大量阅读材料。 词汇部分的主要内容有词的构造及词义,多音字,同义词,近义词和反义词等。文字和语法部分介绍了一些字词的含义及用法分析等。


Summary: Ma Liping 3rd grade Chinese includes volume 7, 8 and 9. Basic knowledge of Chinese Pinyin is introduced, the whole book covers nearly 100 children's songs, essays, fables and fairy tales. By the method of high-frequency reproduction, it allows students to learn and recognize almost 1000 characters to meet the literacy needs of daily life.

Basic components:  Volume 7 first introduces the Chinese Pinyin and tone, it requires not only knowledge but also to write the vowels, consonants and compound vowels. The 2nd part of volume 7 and volume 8 and 9 contains 14 lessons and abundant after-school reading materials. Glossary section contains the structure and meaning of the word, pronunciation, synonyms and antonyms. Text and grammar describes the meaning of some words and usage analysis.

Student requirements: Students who completed the 1st and 2nd grade of Maliping’s Chinese, or has a similar Chinese proficiency. This course requires students to master Chinese Pinyin and 1000 characters, and lay the foundation for the future independent reading and writing.