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武术B 班课程简介
« on: April 30, 2016, 06:18:42 AM »
武术B 班课程简介

本课程教授中国现代武术基础,分为四部份: 基本功、初级拳术、初级棍术和初级刀术。老师根据学生的基础和学习进度选择合适的内容授课。

基本功训练学生手型、步型、腿部、身体柔韧性、等;初级拳术教授各种腿法、多种组合、以及少儿武术的其它基本动作,学生待掌握所教基础后便可练习拳术“五步拳”;初级棍术教授基本棍法(学生需有拳术基础),包括舞花、劈、抡、戳、撩、崩、点、扫、等, 以及由基本棍法组合而成的套路;初级刀术教授基本刀法(学生需有拳术基础),包括劈、砍,压、刺、截、斩、抹、等,以及由基本刀法组合而成的套路。


Martial Arts Class B Course Description

This class teaches basics of modern Chinese martial arts, including basic training, basics of hand forms, basics of staff, and basics of broadsword. Every year, the instructor selects appropriate contents for students to learn and practice based on what they have mastered.

The basic training includes hands, stances, jumps, flexibility, etc.; the basics of hand forms includes various kicks and other basic moves as well as combinations of moves (Five Stance Forms); the basics of staff includes front and back twirl, rattle knock, smash (with or without jump), flip, etc. and combinations of the moves (staff forms); The basics of broadsword includes chop, stab, cut, etc. and combinations of the moves (broadsword forms).

The students should master and demonstrate the above moves and forms.