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中文学校开设围棋初级班已有多年历史。初级班主要教授如何吃子 ,死活,如何布局等基本规则。主要目的是培养学生对围棋的兴趣,进而产生对中华文化的热爱。

本班招收学生不限男女,6岁以上为宜 。

Introduction of Go Beginner Class

Go (Weiqi) is an ancient board game invented by Chinese around thousands of years ago. It is composed of and featured with a square board with 19x19 lines and black and white stones. Today, in both U.S. and Europe countries, there are more and more people, including kids, that are getting to know it and having interest in it.

PCS set up this beginner's class many years ago. The students will be taught how to capture stones, life or death, how to start a game, etc. basic skills and rules. The main purpose is to develop the students' interests in the game and then trigger their love in Chinese traditional culture.

There is no limits to student's gender. 6 years and older will be preferred.