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(概要) 书法班:通过书法练习,学生能写出一笔漂亮的字,以感受中国文化艺术之美,传承祖国传统文化。

(基本部分) 本课程着重于学生的书法练习。首先要有正确的书写姿势和执笔姿势,然后从基本笔画开始练习。根据学生的书写水平,要临摹多次,才能书写。在练习中,要注意结构的疏密,运行的缓急,气势的强弱。书法教育对培养学生的书写能力、审美能力和文化品质都具有重要作用。

(学生要求) 本课程要求学生掌握规范的书写姿势和执笔姿势,书写时按照笔画顺序,能写出一笔漂亮的汉字。

Calligraphy Course Description

(Summary) calligraphy classes: Through calligraphy exercises, students can write a nice Chinese characters to feel the beauty of Chinese art and carry on the traditional Chinese culture.

(Basic part) This course focuses on the students to practice calligraphy. First, have the right posture to hold the writing brush, then begin to practice the basic strokes. According to the level of student writing, to copy many times before writing. In practice, pay attention to the density structure, operation of correct stroke orders, the strength of the momentum. Calligraphy education has an important role for students writing skills, aesthetic skills and cultural quality.

(Student request) This course requires students to master standardized writing and posture of holding the writing brush, follow the stroke order, and be able to write beautiful Chinese characters.