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概要: 折纸课主要教授学生基本的折纸技巧,在学习如何折纸的同时,培养手,眼,脑的协调并用能力,享受折纸的乐趣和成就感。

基本部分: 折纸课的要求很简单,一张正方形或长方形的纸即可开始折纸。折纸课从简单开始,小猫,小狗, 小房子,小盒子,到复杂些的花,气球,船,小鱼,恐龙,羊,猫头鹰,纸鹤等等,此外还有三维的折纸剪纸“春“,圣诞树,变形花环及花球等。

学生要求: 5-8岁的年龄,具有基本的理解能力并能根据老师的指令进行简单的操作。通过折纸课的学习,能够循序渐进,完成大量的由简到繁的折纸。

Summary:Origami lesson teaches students the basic origami skills, learning how to use hands, eyes and brain coordinately, and makes students feel more fun and a sense of accomplishment.

Basic components:  Origami course requirements are very simple, only a square or rectangular piece of paper could start origami.  The lesson starts from simple to complex: kittens, puppies, small houses, small boxes, to complex flowers, balloons, different boats, fish, dinosaurs, sheep, owls, cranes, and so on.  In addition, 3D origami paper-cut “Spring”, Christmas tree, transformer Ninastar, bouquets, flower ball are learned through the origami class.

Student requirement: Age from 5-8, have the basic ability to understand simple operation according to teacher’s instructions. By Origami lesson, step by step, students should master some basic techniques and know how to make origami arts.