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The Ivy Insiders SAT Summer program
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Dear Pittsburgh Chinese School Students and Parents,

   During the last five years, over 750 students in the Pittsburgh area have chosen Ivy Insiders as their study program of choice.  Ivy Insiders courses are taught by top teachers who focus on helping students understand the structure of the SAT and the best approaches to each question type.  Locally based, Ivy Insiders is run by Pittsburgh natives who have attended top universities such as UPenn, Cornell, Duke, Columbia and Carnegie Mellon.  The information will tell you more about our programs and our unique approach to test prep.  If you have any questions, please contact Pittsburgh Regional Manager Mike Goldstein at 412-874-7645 or   

•   Elite Teachers - All of our teachers have scored in the 99th percentile of test-takers.

•   The Right Approach - We explain to our students how each question type is designed to test them on a very narrow set of skills, specifically step-by-step thinking processes.  Not only is this empowering for students, it also makes the test more manageable and much less intimidating.  When we go over the best approaches to every question type, our students develop a clear system for each section and know exactly what to expect on test day.

•   Strong Central Support – In 2010, we teamed with Revolution Prep, one of the fastest growing education companies in the nation.  As a result, our students have access to many additional resources such as Revolution Prep’s online practice test scoring system, dashboard, full-time customer support, and free online programs throughout the year.  In the past 2 years, these resources have augmented our proven approach to test prep.

•   Course Structure – Our course includes 16 hours of class time and four full-length SAT exams.  We explain to students exactly what the SAT is - a game.  Because it is standardized, it is the same every single time.  How do you improve at any game?  Learn the rules and practice!

•   Private Tutoring Options – For some students, individual tutoring may provide a better option.  Tutoring programs come in 10, 20 and 30 hour packages, or you can purchase an additional 4 hours to brush up before the test.

•   Assistance Throughout the Testing Process – After your course or tutoring program ends, we will continue to provide support and guidance.  We hold free refresher sessions before every SAT testing date and students are welcome to take an unlimited number of practice tests with us at no extra charge.  Additionally students will receive detailed week-by-week study plans so they know exactly what to do to solidify their gains and continue to improve.  Regardless of when you complete your course or tutoring program, we will be here to offer ongoing support until you achieve your test-taking goals.

•   Program Costs – All students who attend programs at the Pittsburgh Chinese School will receive an automatic $100 discount.  Simply use the discount code PCS100 when checking out to make the cost $499.  Additional scholarships are available.
This summer we will be offering courses in Sq. Hill, Fox Chapel, Sewickley*, Mt. Lebanon*, Pine-Richland, and La Roche College.  You can explore our different course, location, and tutoring options by clicking on the links below.  If you have questions, either about our programs or simply about the SAT or ACT in general, please call me, as I’m happy to help in any way that I can.  You can also learn more at our website, or

*note: the Sewickley and Mt. Lebanon locations are currently being negotiated.  Please contact Mike Goldstein if you have any questions regarding this.

Be well and I look forward to hearing from you,

Mike Goldstein
UPenn, 2007
Ivy Insiders Pittsburgh Regional Manager

Summer Programs and Tutoring Options

Classroom Courses

Our standard classroom courses run throughout the summer.  Please see the following pages for our schedules in various locations.  All courses consist of instruction on every section of the SAT with a special emphasis on the best approaches to each question type.  Most importantly, we go over the specific type of thinking on which students are being tested, and point out the tricks and traps that the SAT test-makers set along the way.  Additionally, all of our programs include a $100 discount for Pittsburgh Chinese School students and financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Hybrid Classes

Ivy Insiders' Hybrid Tutoring Combo course combines the content and framework of our classroom courses with the personalization of our private tutoring experience.  For students who seek both the structure of a classroom course and customized strategies for their particular test-taking needs, Ivy Insiders' Hybrid Tutoring is the ideal program.  Private tutoring hours may also be used during the school year closer to the date of the SAT.

Private Tutoring

Taught by only our most experienced instructors, our tutoring program is committed to delivering the ultimate in personalized test preparation from the most talented tutors in the country.  Private tutoring is available for both the SAT and the ACT. 

10-hour package
This program consists of five two-hour tutoring sessions, four practice tests and all of our materials.  It is geared towards students focused on two of the three SAT sections (Critical Reading, Math and Writing) as we spend about four to six hours on each section.   The full-length practice tests are offered on Saturdays and Sundays.
20-hour package
This program, which is our most popular, consists of ten two-hour session, four practice tests and all of our materials.  It covers every section of the SAT and is the equivalent of our full classroom course delivered privately in-home.   Many of our students who do this program save four hours of tutoring for the school year to review before the test.
30-hour package
Similar to our 20-hour program, this includes extra time for guided practice for which a tutor will go through our entire program and then use the remaining hours to do practice sections with your student, providing immediate feedback upon conclusion. 
Location: Winchester-Thurston High School on Morewood Avenue

Squirrel Hill Ivy Insiders Course – Late June

Squirrel Hill Ivy Insiders Course – Late July

Squirrel Hill Ivy Insiders Course – Early August

Squirrel Hill Ivy Insiders Course – Late August

Squirrel Hill Ivy Insiders Course – September

Location: Fox Chapel High School on Field Club Road

Fox Chapel Ivy Insiders Course – Late June

Fox Chapel Ivy Insiders Course – Early August

Fox Chapel Ivy Insiders Course – Late August

Fox Chapel Ivy Insiders Course – September

Location: La Roche College at 9000 Babcock Blvd

La Roche College Ivy Insiders Course – Late July

Pine-Richland Ivy Insiders Course – Early August

Location: Pine-Richland Youth Center near the intersection of Routes 8 and 910

Pine-Richland Ivy Insiders Course – Late June

Pine-Richland Ivy Insiders Course – Late July

Pine-Richland Ivy Insiders Course – Early August

Pine-Richland Ivy Insiders Course – Late August

Pine-Richland Ivy Insiders Course – September