2018 Spring Registration forms and documents
     All students (both new and existing):
On/before 1/1: $196.5 per student;  after 1/1: $216.5 per student
Parent Service Deposit:$20 per family. If you already fullfilled the duty in the Spring semester, you do not need to pay it again.
     2018 Spring Enrollment Policy (including refund policy)
     Registration Process 
     2018 Spring Registration Form (Chinese) 
     2018 Spring Registration Form (English)
     Language Classes
     Culture Classes
     Accident Liability Waiver
     Parents Guard Policy
     Parents Volunteer Policy
     Parents Rules
     Class Transfer Request Form
     Financial Aid Application Form

You can print and mail the above application form or submit the online form below. Please do not forget to click the submit button at the bottom using the scroll bar when you finish.

Jesse Chen