What is the parent service deposit?

The school board made a decision in May 2011 to ask each parent pay $20 service deposit up front, starting from Fall 2011 semester, unless at least one of the parents works for the school as a staff, a teacher, or a board member. If the parent fulfills the duty during the new semester, the family does not need to pay this deposit in the next semester. Otherwise, you will need to pay $20 per family per semester. At the end, the deposit will be refunded to you when you no longer have children enrolled in the school.

Why did not I receive confirmation from the registration?

Please read the Registration Process document. The school will email you a confirmation letter and all other important notice after your registration is processed. If you never receive such letter, your email might be not correctly entered in our system. Please contact registration@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org to update your email address.

Can student change class in the middle of a semester?

All classes will be closed on the third week of a semester. Therefore you can only change classes in the first two weeks. You must submit a class transfer request form first. Only upon approval are you officially be enrollment in the new class.

Can student change class in every semester?

Students can change classes in Fall semester, but not in Spring semester. Special cases can be approved by submitting a class transfer request form.

Can I just talk to the teacher and sit in the class room?

You are only allowed to sit in the first two weeks. Unless you are officially enrolled initially or your class transfer request is approved, you must not sit in the class.

We missed the registration deadline for discounted rate because of some very special reasons. Is there any way that I can avoid paying the late fee?

You must submit a Registration Deadline Exception Approval Form with the approval by the Principal.

How do I get refund if I decide to withdraw from the school?

The refund policy table can be found in the Enrollment Policy document. To request a refund, you shall contact the Registrar. The basic rules are: 100% tuition (excluding the $17.5 registration fee) can be refunded on/before the 2nd week, 60% tuition can be refunded on/before 3rd week. After the 3rd week, no fund can be made regardless of when you registered.

Why should I provide two choices for culture class?

A second choice can be applied if your first choice class is already full.

Is there any enrollment age requirements for language and culture classes?

K1 requires 4 years old. K2 requires 5 years old. Other language classes do not require any minimum age. Most of the culture classes have minimum age requirements. The details can be found in the culture class list document.