Our Mission

Pittsburgh Chinese School is a nonprofit educational and cultural institution. Our mission is to:

  • Operate as a Chinese language school and to prepare multi-ethnic students to meet the challenge of globalization;
  • Promote the understanding of Chinese culture and heritage;
  • Encourage school youth in community services and help them to achieve public responsibilities.

About School

Pittsburgh Chinese School (PCS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1977, located in Squirrel Hill (map ).

The mission of PCS is to provide a structured environment for learning Chinese language, culture and arts, and to promote multinational and multiethnic cultural activities in the greater Pittsburgh area. In 2018, PCS started to incorporate STEM into its curriculum, with simple, engaging activities for children age 1-5 and more advanced programs such as Mathematics Olympiad for older students.

PCS accepts students ages 4 and up. In addition to our PreK to 12 educational programs for children, we also offer classes for adults and have an Activity Center for children under 4. Currently, PCS enrolls about 300 students, and has approximately 70 teachers and administrators.

There are two semesters in a school year, 14-18 weeks per semester. Classes are held on Sunday afternoons from 2 pm to 5 pm. The first two hours are language lessons and the third hour is for culture and arts. PCS also organizes local and national competitions, seminars, and stage performance opportunities for our students and families.

In an effort to promote Chinese culture and arts in the region, PCS regularly sponsors and participates in local community events such as Squirrel Hill Lunar New Year parade. In 2018, PCS received “Squirrel Hill Treasure Awards” in recognition for our outstanding contribution of education and diversity in the community (PCS report ). In 2019, PCS received recognition from PA Governor Mr. Wolf and PA Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs for promoting education in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community (PCS report ).

PCS is an equal opportunity not-for-profit organization that provides reduced tuition and scholarship to all who qualify (Financial Aid).


匹兹堡中文学校正式成立于1977年,为美国立案的非营利团体。匹兹堡中文学校以教育华裔后代及当地人士认识中华文化及语言,促进中美两国人民文化交流, 促进青少年的健康成长为宗旨。






Principal Ms. Jia Xue principal@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
Vice Principal Ms. Megan Huifang Shi viceprincipal@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
Human Resource Ms. Xiaoping Mo hr@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
Registrar Mr. Qingyu Wang registration@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
Director of Studies Mr. Xinlei Ji dos@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
Guidance Mr. Qiang Wu guidance@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
IT Mr. Hanzhou Zhang it@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
Facility Manager Mr. Qiang Hao facility@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org

Board of Directors

Chairperson Mr. Ying Cao boardchair@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
Vice Chairperson Ms. Yujie Hu vicechair@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
Principal Ms. Jia Xue principal@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
Vice Principal Ms. Megan Huifang Shi viceprincipal@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
Financial Director Ms. Yanxiang You finance@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
Treasurer Ms. Peng Tang treasurer@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
Secretary Ms. Ying Ding secretary@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
Parent-Teacher Association Mr. Junyan Tao pta@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
Parent-Teacher Association Ms. Bing Wu pta@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
School-Wide Activities Ms. Yanjie Cui activities@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
School-Wide Activities Mr. Kong Chen activities@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
Communication Mr. Wei Xiong communication@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org
Communication Mr. Jiawei Xu communication@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org