2024 Fall semester is open for registration:
Please try to register before July 31, 2024, besides an early bird discount, you help the school prepare for the new semester regarding textbook ordering, teacher and classroom arrangement etc.

For semester details such as tuition and registration fee, click the link: 2024 Fall .
Some classes may have extra book/material fee, please check the class details here: Class List .

How to register classes online ?

How to choose your classes in PCS ?

Registration Documents

     COPPA Compliance Consent 
     Enrollment Policies
     Accident Liability Waiver
     COVID-19 Guidelines
     Parents Guard Policy
     Parents Rules
     Class Transfer Request Form
     Financial Aid Application Form

If you have questions, please contact:
Registrar Mr. Qingyu Wang (registration@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org), or:
Principal Ms. Jia Xue (principal@pittsburgh-chinese-school.org, (724)816-1073).